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Need convincing of how amazing we are at Wirral 11+ Academy? Then who better to ask about the quality of our tutoring services than our valued clients who have entrusted us with their children and the responsibility of preparing them for a life changing exam, the 11+ entrance examination. It’s all in the testimonials!

Read how parents across the Wirral enthuse greatly about the development of their child’s increased knowledge, understanding and reasoning ability. You’ll also notice consistent acknowledgements of their child’s growth in self-esteem, concentration and confidence, contributing to their attainment of an 11+ examination pass and securing a place in their desired school.

Many of our valued clients tell us how the techniques we have implemented in their children have proven to enhance other areas of their children’s life and education. What can we say? You better get reading the following testimonials and see for yourselves!

Testimonials to Shout About!

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Testimonials 2021

We found Nicky quite helpful in Eshal 11 plus exam.
It helps her boosting her confidence and help her pass 11 plus with flying colours.
Thanks Nicky .
You are marvellous

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Ahadia Hammad - 2021

My husband and I have written this review to say thank you so very much to Nicky, for all she has done for our daughter Laisha.
I am a Dominican national and my husband worked around the world until our daughter was aged 9, at which point our entire family relocated from the Dominican Republic to the UK and to my husband’s hometown of West Kirby.

It was readily apparent that the education in the UK was far superior to that of the Dominican Republic.

Our daughter attended St Bridget’s School and was quite some distance behind her peers we worked very hard to close that gap and Laisha was doing well however, the following school year arrived and it was just months before we had to begin thinking about secondary education choices and the 11+ exams.

It was July and we had decided that we would prefer for Laisha to attend Birkenhead School after primary however, the entrance exams were to be held the following January and Laisha was nowhere near ready, able or at the stage she needed to be at, in-order to stand any chance of passing the entrance exam. Laisha was still receiving one to one English tuition at St Bridget’s as when she arrived in the UK, as she spoke only Spanish and not a word of English.

It was to be a fight against time and having researched for a local 11+ tutor I came across Nicky and read some of the wonderful reviews she had amassed.

I contacted Nicky, explained the situation and Nicky agreed with me, that it would be an incredibly challenging task to bring Laisha to the level required in time.

However, twice and sometimes three times a week, Nicky came and provided one to one tuition to Laisha, set her the appropriate homework and challenges and took things one step at a time.
Covering English, Maths, Comprehension and Verbal Reasoning, all aspects that may have been included in the Birkenhead entrance exam were covered.

I was amazed to see the progress Laisha was making with Nicky’s help. As the weeks and months passed and taking account for the inevitable ups and downs along the way, Laisha continued to improve and even excel, she was impressing her teachers at school and during virtual parents evening, we were told how the school now believed that Laisha would meet and even exceed her end of year six targets.

Laisha went on to sit her Birkenhead entrance exam in Jan 2021 and passed with confidence, she will begin her secondary education at a truly fantastic school in September.

We cannot say thank you enough to Nicky, her ability as a teacher and tutor is exemplary and her efforts will have a lasting impact on our daughter’s future and prospects for many years to come.
Thank you Nicky.

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Ruth Reynoso - 2021

Nicky taught my eldest in a small group pre covid-19 and he comfortably passed the 11 plus. She now teaches my youngest on Skype and the whole experience is equally brilliant. I can practically see him soaking up Nicky’s teaching and advice! She is so clear and engaging and gets the very best out of her students. The fact that we’re having lessons over Skype has been a real bonus in our busy lives. It also means my son is relaxed and comfortable and gets the most out of the hour. The lessons are very focused and Nicky gives us extra work to do during the week as well. If I could give her more than 5 stars, I would!

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Catherine Thornton - 2021

Nicky is a fabulous tutor. She supported my eldest son in attaining passes in both entrance exams to the grammar schools…she equipped him with all the skills and knowledge he required to enter with confidence into the exams prepared and ready to achieve. We are now about to start this process again with my youngest son. I would not go anywhere else!

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Vicki Fisher - 2021

I can’t recommend enough!! Excellent friendly and professional service making my daughter very comfortable and improved her confidence immensely in a limited time frame. The tips, methods and instructions given made learning for the 11+ exam so much more enjoyable. I would have no hesitation in recommending Nikki.

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Sarah Tobin - 2021

It was extremely important to find the right tutor for our son Patrick to get him to high standard to pass the 11+ Exam. Nicky was highly professional, very patient and exceptionally good at engaging my son to ensure he understood what was asked of him. Nicky’s encouraged him to be confident when writing essays and gave him the tools he needed to succeed. I would have no hesitation in recommending Nicky for future students.

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Pt G - 2021

Nicky has been helping my daughter in year 8 and her tutoring sessions have really improved her level in Maths and English. Nicky is brilliant at communicating with her, she’s really found her level and delivers so much more than tutoring. My daughter was suffering from a lack of confidence and Nicky really made her believe in herself and take pride in really doing her best.

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Melissa - Wirral - 2021

Testimonials 2020

The search for an 11+ tutor is always a difficult one but I advise you to look no further. Choosing Nicky has been the best decision we made with regards to our son James sitting his exam. Nicky pulled out all the stops during what turned out to be a very difficult year with the national lockdown. Lessons which had been taught in a small group environment immediately moved to online and Nicky kept the kids motivated week in and week out with encouragement and positivity. James went into the exam with confidence and a positive mindset knowing he was fully capable of gaining a good strong pass which is exactly what he achieved. We cannot thank Nicky enough but I would most certainly recommend her, you will not be sorry.

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Joanne Scott- Wirral - December 2020

At the beginning of my sons 11 plus journey I was unsure whether to even get him tutored. Following the advice of a family friend who had two children successfully tutored by Nicky I promptly contacted her for advice. After an insightful conversation with Nicky I decided tutoring was definitely the way to go and I have absolutely no regrets. Nicky prepared Oliver both mentally and physically for the challenges which lay ahead, and supported me when I needed it as it can be a difficult time for us parents too. Nicky not only taught Oliver the techniques he required to answer questions successfully but more importantly gave him the confidence and self belief, something I don’t feel we could have done with out her. Nicky achieved so much with Oliver in probably the most difficult circumstances yet, a national lockdown. Oliver has achieved his goal of reaching grammar and is so much more confident in his own abilities. Don’t ponder like I did just go for it Nicky won’t let you down and you will not be disappointed.

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Claire Culverwell - December 2020

Testimonials 2019

Following on from Nicky’s outstanding tutoring of our daughter some 3 years ago when she passed both the Upton Hall and 11+ tests with flying colours, Nicky was the obvious and trusted choice to tutor and mentor our son as he embarked upon the 11+ process. Nicky’s vast knowledge, professionalism and guidance was the cornerstone for our son’s ultimate success. Oliver thrived both academically and in confidence under Nicky’s unrivalled programme and, being the first year pupils sat this test outside of their Primary Schools, Nicky went way above and beyond preparing her pupils emotionally for what could be an even more stressful experience. Oliver felt calm and thoroughly prepared on the day of the tests and not only passed the 11+ but absolutely smashed it!! Getting a tutor for your child for the 11+ is one thing but getting THE right tutor for your child is everything – we cannot recommend Nicky highly enough. Thank you Nicky for all of your dedication and hard work with our children – we couldn’t have done it without you *****

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Sean Evans- Wirral - November 2019

My daughter came to Nikki after being tutored by another teacher elsewhere and falling behind. Nikki however noticed where my daughter needed improving and what areas she could work well with her. Her methods for learning are for sure direct and well structured. I would recommend her for your son or daughter if you want good results!

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Sophia Sazou- Wirral - November 2019

Excellent 11+ tutoring. Nicky knows the content and process exceptionally well and she adapted her approach to meet our child’s needs. Our son passed the exam. Highly recommend.

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Gill Laing- Wirral - November 2019

If your looking for a fully qualified tutor for the 11+ ( In maths English and non verbal reasoning she covers all aspects not just one topic !! ) then look no further we travelled 20 mile round trip twice a week to see Nicky truly amazing lady who knows her stuff brings out the best qualities in your child gives them confidence to believe in themselves, they sit Mock tests as if in the actual Exam setting and gets them nerves out of the way.
We are very proud and very Thankful as our Daughter Sienna passed the 11+ with flying colours no tears or nerves and she was very confident.
Nicky we are eternally grateful for all you have done for Sienna your have made her flourish with knowledge and confidence she is flying high in school. Thanks so much!
Jean & Paul

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Jean & Sean Tidd - Wirral - October 2019

Fabulous tutor from day one. Gave Faye the ability to believe in herself and encouraged her all the way. Fantastic result, we are all absolutely thrilled. Thank you Nicky for all you support, can’t praise you enough.

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Sue Cook - Wirral - October 2019

Just to say a very big thank you to Nikki, our daughter was tutored by Nikki for the 11 plus and not only helped her with exam technique and timing but also instilled confidence in her to believe that she was capable of passing the exam. Thank you so much for everything and 100% advise anyone who is looking for tuition for the 11 plus to use Nikki.

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Sarah Hanock - Wirral - October 2019

Passed 13+ ……Just wanted to say a HUGE Thank you to Nicky for all the help, support and guidance that she has gave to our son in the build up to his test. He has just passed the 13 + admissions test for Calday Grammar School. Entering the exam for admission to year 9 has all been a bit daunting, but Nicky has been brilliant and she knows exactly what she’s talking about! I’m so glad we found Nicky! her help has been invaluable to us.Our son was made to feel at ease during his lessons and his confidence came on in leaps and bounds. He passed the 13+ with flying colours – Thank you!

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Jill Eddie - Wirral - October 2019

Amazing results from hard work and dedication. Nicki is not only an academic mentor, but a confidence boosting and positive thinking teacher. She takes each child individually and sees there potential.
Thank you xx

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Lu Kerry - Wirral - October 2019

Nicky is such a calming influence on what could be considered a very trying time for both students AND parents. She is nurturing, knowledgeable and you have the confidence that she has it all under control. Our son adores his sessions with Nicky and has grown both in confidence and academically. Her sessions are structured well and tie in with the new CEM testing. She is well versed in the Upton Hall and Anselm’s exams, also.
She’s just what you need to keep your child calm and confident in their 11+ journey.
We were recommended to her by a parent whose child had just passed the new 11+ exam. She’s just brilliant!

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Jilly Weilding - Wirral - October 2019

Nicky was brilliant and was the main contributor in helping my daughter pass her 11+. Would highly recommend.

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Andy Fraser - Wirral - October 2019

We sent all our boys to Nikki and we’re so thankful of her dedication to their education. Their progress was very noticeable & has set them up for success. Joe

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Joseph Amir - Wirral - September 2019

Bertie really enjoyed her lessons with Nicky. She passed the Upton test and has gained a place  starting in September. We are so pleased. Roberta has years to make up from education abroad and extenuating circumstances due to family illness. Nicky’s balance of tutoring and caring about her pupils, knowing how much to push them and when to hold back and encourage is perfect. Discipline in the classes means that your child is getting the most out of the time they are there and there is plenty of homework and mock tests leading up to the exam. Also Nicky is honest about what she can achieve. Five stars!

Heidi Richards - Wirral - June 2019

Testimonials 2018

I wanted to say a huge thank you to Nicky for her encouragement and support in the preparation of both my boys for the 11+ exam. By the time it was the day of the exam both boys were calm and confident. They were totally prepared and ready to smash it! One son is at Calday already and loving it while my youngest son will be going in September once his place is approved after passing his 11+.

The tutoring not only helped with the 11+ but with the boy’s school work , concentration and confidence.
I would highly recommend Nicky if you are thinking of a tutor. Both my boys thrived under her guidance.
It’s a great big THANK YOU from me!

Sian Jenkins - Wirral - October 2018

My daughter recently took the 11+ test after being tutored by Nicky. Yes, we haven’t received her results yet but the help that Nicky gave was fantastic and second to none. She encouraged my daughter to be the best she could be and really helped her in learning to her full potential. Most importantly my daughter liked her and she really put her at ease. Fingers crossed it all goes well for results day. But we will certainly be recommending Nicky to others. A*


I would just like to add on to my review – my daughter received her 11+  results and we are delighted to say she whizzed them, she did absolutely amazing and we can’t thank Nicky enough, will certainly be recommending you to everyone! Thanks so so much xx

Annmarie Brett - Wirral - September 2018

Nicola did a fantastic job in supporting our son and us, to ensure he was confident and capable to give the 11+ his best shot. Nicola helped provide a structure and close learning gaps that weren’t being addressed in school. My son gives her more credit than his school teacher for his very high pass mark and asks when she can teach him again! She was professional, cares about the child and can work with parents to help prepare. Thanks Nicola. Highly recommend.

Parent - Wirral - October 2018

Choosing the right tutor for our daughter to prepare her both academically and emotionally for the new CEM Eleven Plus Examination was a daunting experience initially.  We wanted a tutor that had excellent pastoral experience, as well as a sound knowledge of the Eleven Plus system, so our daughter felt completely confident and thoroughly prepared to sit her exams.  Nicky was recommended to us and from our initial telephone enquiry we knew immediately we had made the right decision for her to tutor our daughter.  With such an extensive knowledge of the entire process, not to mention her professionalism, enthusiasm and support, Nicky’s carefully prepared programme meant that we could see our daughter thrive with the work set for her.  When the time came for her to sit the exams she was calm and completely ready to embrace the two papers.   We are delighted to say she passed the Eleven Plus with flying colours  and we cannot recommend Nicky Hale highly enough to other parents.

Sue Evans - Wirral - September 2018

Testimonials 2023

Highly recommended. Nicola was so good and patiently she taught my son for 12 Plus MID term transfer test for Wirral Grammar Boys School. And all this happen in 1 months of Time. We can’t thank enough Nicola for her timely help with so much passion for my son’s success. Now my son has cleared the exam and got a place in Yr 12.

Susanta Panda -Wirral - April 2023

My son Harry is of the youngest in his year group and had had additional setbacks to his education due to medical issues which required operations and time off school. This, in addition to the pandemic, impacted his confidence and he experienced high anxiety around the pressure of keeping up with his peers and putting himself forward in class. He often burst in to tears if asked to speak up in class and (prior to Nicky!) often experienced work as overwhelming. Despite this he was attracted to various aspects of the grammar schools and decided he wanted to attempt the 11+ entrance exam with a view to attend Wirral Grammar for boys.

We live a distance from his junior school so, instead of sending him to groups with his peers, sought out tutoring for him online. We were sceptical however as to whether this would be the most effective way for him to learn.
We needn’t have worried.

We hit the jackpot when we found Nicky! She somehow managed to bring Harry out of his shell and he confidently answered questions during the sessions. He was calm and happy to attend the weekly sessions. No meltdowns- not one! The work was challenging but somehow she managed to instil a growth mindset in all of those kids. She consistently motivated them and taught them difficult concepts with ease, kindness and patience. (‘Child whisperer’ comes to mind). She helped us as parents with advice regarding how to manage and organise Harry’s study time. Her continued efforts and above and beyond approach paid off and Harry comfortably passed the entrance exam. He is now more confident in every aspect of his life and we will be forever grateful to Nicky for the dedication to her work.

Natalie Mangan -Wirral - November 2023

My son passed his 11+ this year with Nicky as his tutor. Lessons were always organised and easy to follow. Sent work to do at home every week which helped things along. Taught him skills and methods he needed to succeed. Highly recommended.

Katie Ward -Wirral - November 2023

Testimonials 2017

We were introduced to Nicky Hale by a recommendation from the parents of some her previous pupils.  We found her very friendly, approachable, flexible and helpful, but most importantly my son loved her.  He had initially been extremely reluctant to attend a tutor but by the end he was requesting additional sessions.  She instilled in him the confidence and technique that he was lacking regarding the 11+ exam and we are very pleased to report that he passed comfortably.  I have already recommended Nicky to other parents and intend using her services again when our younger children are preparing for their secondary school entrance exams.  Thank you Nicky.

Nyree -Wirral - December 2017

I would like to highly recommend Nicola Hale`s tutoring skills. My daughter was tutored for this years 11 plus and found her sessions with Nicky both enjoyable and extremely helpful. Nicky immediately put her at ease about the tests and her preparation was extremely thorough which meant that not only did she excel in the tests but made great improvements with her general school work too. Nicky`s experience, patience and endless, highly relevant resources meant that we felt confident in our choice of tutor and are extremely pleased with not only our daughter`s test results but the progress she has made both academically and in confidence this year. Thanks again Nicky!

Wendy - Wirral - November 2017

Nicola Hale has tutored our daughter for the last 9 months and has adopted strategies that have given our daughter much greater confidence in her own ability. Nicky’s positivity has created a caring and nurturing environment around our daughter which has allowed her to thrive,the result being academic improvement beyond expectation and a happier,more self-confident little girl.

Nicky’s outstanding diligence, dedication and unswerving belief have helped our daughter gain a place at an independent school,giving her a fantastic opportunity to build on her achievements to date. We cannot thank Nicky enough for the important contribution she has made to our daughter’s success and we would not hesitate to recommend her.

Parent - Wirral - July 2017

As a parent who was looking for preparation and support for my daughter for the eleven plus and didn’t know who would be best for her with there being so many organizations and tutors offering courses, Nicky Hale with the Wirral Eleven Plus Academy was recommended to me and I can’t speak highly enough of the Wirral Eleven Plus Academy and of Nicky Hale herself with her standards and professionalism and the support and preparation that she gave to my daughter and also to the confidence she gave to me as a parent this was also very clear to see through my daughter who enjoyed the course work and so much looked forward each week spending time with Nicky at course time,  and at the end my daughter PASSED the eleven plus with flying colours, So if you are a parent looking for tutoring for your son or daughter and being such an important decision choose as a parent I must certainly recommend Nicky Hale I myself will be using her again for my other daughter.

Mr. Mark Taylor - Wirral - 2017

I started working with Nicola while preparing my son for the 12 plus test. It was difficult to find a tutor who is able to guide children in assessment tests, English, mathematics and non-verbal reasoning as most of them work just on one particular topic. As English is a second language for my son we also needed to increase his confidence in demonstrating his knowledge.

Nicola helped us to address all the above mentioned issues. She evaluated my son’s English and mathematics levels; and during March and April we worked on reading comprehension and mathematics. This work resulted in high level 5 SATs results. Afterwards, Nicola started working on non-verbal reasoning and also continued with mathematics and English exercises. This in turn resulted in successful 12 plus test.

Nicola’s great strength is that in addition to teaching test techniques she also teaches children English, mathematics and non-verbal reasoning, which provides them with strong foundation for further learning. Most importantly, she engages children in serious learning and addresses the issues of work ethic without underestimating or ridiculing them. This leads into the development of healthy self-confidence and turns children into self-motivated learners. My son enjoyed working with Nicola very much and is doing very well now at grammar school.

Katrin - Wirral - 2017

Nicola Hale provided our daughter with the ‘inner desire’ to believe in her own ability. The strategies implemented enabled our daughter to achieve beyond our expectations, transforming her into a confident, motivated and independent young lady. The care and dedication to get to know our daughter on a ‘personal level ‘ has been the turning point in our daughter’s life and will continue to impact upon her ‘lifelong learning journey’.

On entering her Grammar School this September, she has flourished in all aspects of school life, having the confidence to try new challenges and her achievements have been acknowledged by being placed on the Gifted and Talented Register in school. We cannot thank Nicola enough for the important role she has played in our daughter’s social, emotional and academic well-being.

Parent - Wirral - 2017

With great pleasure,  we would like to inform you that our daughter Grace passed both the Upton Entrance Exam and the 11 plus exam. Thank you for all your guidance, support and expert tuition over a 5 month period, which helped her achieve an outstanding score on both exams.

Madeleine and Steven Courtliff - Wirral - November 2017

Nicky tutored my son for the Birkenhead School entry exam. In a short period Nicky gave him the skills and confidence required to pass. Nicky has extensive experience not only with 11+ but also with Birkenhead School and she knew exactly what they would be looking for. Entrance exams can be daunting but with Nicky’s knowledge and expertise she made this a positive and rewarding process.

We are so very grateful to her and would recommend her without hesitation.

Michelle Edwards - Wirral - November 2017

Testimonials 2016

Thanks for everything you did to support and encourage Isobelle over the last 12 months. She went into her exams feeling full of confidence and self belief. I am sure this, together with all the practice and techniques led to her success. We are delighted with her results and the way she has handled the pressures of the 11+ and you played a big part in this.

Thanks again

Tracey and Tim Harwood - Wirral -- 2016

When my son asked if he could have a go at the 12+ I wanted to make sure he was as well prepared as possible. I’d read on the internet that the CEM was supposed to be “untutorable”, but I thought it made sense to ask Nicky to tutor him, because she has a great reputation for the 11+.

Nicky was able to provide expert advice, resources and guidance in preparation for the 12+, offering my son the perfect balance of challenge and support. Her sensitive, calm and professional manner reassured him of his abilities and boosted his self-confidence, meaning he passed within weeks of starting the tutoring.

I will definitely be asking for Nicky’s help when my son’s younger brothers come to take the CEM.

Gavin, Teacher - Wirral - 2016

My son visited Nicky over a 6 month period to help him prepare for his school’s scholarship paper. He found both the 1:1 and small group settings to be invaluable – challenging and fun.

Nicky has the unique ability to be able to read your child – their level of ability and what excites them within a learning environment. She makes learning fun in a natural and enabling environment.

My child thrived under her guidance. Her open and supportive nature ensured that he was happy to ask questions and loved the positivity of the sessions. I cannot recommend Nicky highly enough. She has an in-depth knowledge of all things 11+ and more crucially for us, was extremely familiar with scholarship requirements.

You can trust you child’s education and development to Nicky. She clearly loves what she does and it shows! You will not be disappointed.

Parent - Wirral - 2016

I went to Nicky for 11+ lessons for 8 months with 3 of my friends. We had lessons over the summer holiday. We all passed and have just found out that we all achieved a place at Wirral Grammar School for Girls.

Maddy - Wirral - 2016

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